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The Promise of Web3 for Music is a Revelation with Revelator’s Bruno Guez

Web3, or what many think of as ‘crypto’ was a major story in 2021 and is continuing to develop in 2022, but web3 is much more than just crypto. Emerging business models and things like Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), for example, are a new type of entity with the potential to blow the doors off traditional centralized organizations. Web3 and its underlying blockchain technology have the potential to facilitate global IP rights administration and royalty management - paving the way for real-time payments and innovative revenue streams for rights owners, creators, artists, producers, and publishers around the world.

To help us wrap our heads around this tech and to separate the hype from reality, Bruno Guez joins us from Jerusalem, Israel. Bruno is the Founder of Revelator, a digital asset and blockchain-based distribution platform for creative IP that transforms creative IP (like music) into digital assets, unlocking the value of tomorrow’s web3 ownership economy. Bruno is a former Director on the Board of Merlin Network, the leading music rights agency, and has over twenty-five years experience as a seasoned digital music executive working with Island Records and Cirque du Soleil.