Press Clipping
Splitting the difference: Music and Web3’s multiplayer problem

In the world of Web2<>Web3 bridges for music, Revelator is a B2B platform built on the cross-chain Original Works (OWN) protocol, helping labels and publishers manage music IP and automate payments (including advances on streaming royalties based on predictions of future revenue) across several L1 and L2 chains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Flow, Near, and Polygon. Music IP rights holders bridge their traditional music royalty payments to the OWN protocol by creating an OWN Music Asset (or OMA), a programmable smart contract that represents their share of royalties in a given music asset. The OMAs and associated cash flows are verified, facilitated, and transferred via their distribution partners. For Revelator, the case for Web3 technology is to make these payments not only more transparent, but also quicker and eventually real-time or even advanced ahead of time.