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Revelator is a leading provider of business solutions for the music industry. Our all-inclusive music platform, API, protocol, and web3 infrastructure, enhances efficiency in financial reporting and simplifies royalty operations. We offer a wide range of services, including catalog management, digital distribution, income tracking, rights management, and business intelligence. By ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

Noah Roth Joins Revelator as VP, Sales and Marketing

Noah Roth Joins Revelator as VP, Sales and Marketing

Experienced executive Noah Roth is joining Revelator as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to usher in the music services company’s next phase of growth at a time of increased innovation in the industry. 

“Noah brings essential expertise to Revelator at a vital time, when we have built a dedicated customer base but are now ready to do so much more, as the music business is expanding and growing more complex and multifaceted,” says Bruno Guez, founder and CEO of Revelator. “His fresh, but informed perspective is the perfect fit for what we need right now.”

“What’s really exciting about Revelator is what the company is building at the intersection of web2 and 3,” explains Roth. “The company’s sales have grown by more than 100% in a year. Revelator’s product has proven product-market fit in a large market. A strong core product, plus a groundbreaking innovative one, means Revelator is uniquely positioned to take off, something I’m looking forward to being a part of.”

Roth’s experience has spanned five industries, including intellectual property, ad tech, legal tech, and talent recruitment, joining companies poised for expansion and taking them to the next level. From this extensive background, Roth has distilled fundamental insights into sales and growth he’s eager to apply at Revelator. “The common thread that runs through all my experiences is recognizing that moment of scalable growth and helping your team realize how to kick it up a notch,” he reflects.

About Revelator
Revelator is the leading blockchain-based digital asset management platform for creative IP, empowering anyone to participate in a secure and robust marketplace. Revelator provides a unified data platform for asset management, supply chain, business intelligence, financial reporting, royalty and payment distribution. Revelator’s Web3 infrastructure transforms creative IP into digital assets and offers modern protocols for fractional ownership, smart contracts and real-time on-chain settlement of music royalties to individual rights holder’s digital wallets.