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Revelator is a leading provider of business solutions for the music industry. Our all-inclusive music platform, API, protocol, and web3 infrastructure, enhances efficiency in financial reporting and simplifies royalty operations. We offer a wide range of services, including catalog management, digital distribution, income tracking, rights management, and business intelligence. By ...

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Leila Grossman
(646) 921-0438

Revelator’s Data Pro to Deliver Business Intelligence for Independents

Now labels, distributors, managers, and data-driven music teams can get decision-defining insights to inform A&R, marketing, and royalty forecasting strategies.

Revelator is bringing full-on business intelligence to the independent music business with its insights platform, Data Pro. This BI product offers in-depth, cross-platform analysis of all major DSPs and UGC platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Tailored to the needs of financial managers, data analysts, music marketers, and A&R managers, it helps clients uncover meaningful trends, pinpoint newly emerging audiences, and better understand how fan activity can affect their revenue.

“Consumption and royalty data are often streaming into music businesses via two different, completely separate channels,” explains Revelator founder and CEO Bruno Guez. “Connecting these two datasets leads to deeper understanding of what exactly is shaping and driving their business. This is the access to data insights that’s been available to the major players in the music business, but never for the independent side of the music industry beyond a smattering of charts and graphs.”

By integrating granular first-party consumption, engagement, playlist and listener data across services and platforms, customers can easily interpret audiences by location, demographics, device and subscription level. Teams can uncover the source of the stream that is driving music discovery.

Music marketers can also quantify how much a song is earning or how their campaigns are performing that day. “There is a growing need for automated reporting and the ability to streamline the time-consuming operations of consolidating and sharing data with the rest of the organization in their weekly reports to artist management and marketing teams,” Guez reveals. “The value of music assets should be updated on a daily basis to maximize the measurable impact that data reporting holds for making marketing and financial decisions.” 

Revelator’s Data Pro business intelligence platform incorporates machine learning with a financial analysis layer to help customers develop revenue projections based on historical data and evaluate the performance of their creative assets to inform  touring, advertising, and royalty pipeline visibility. Combining consumption data with revenue data adds real-time financial perspective: knowing when the song is at its peak value may help stakeholders make decisions when to sell their catalog or invest in an artist.

Artist management firm mtheory uses Revelator’s Data Pro to enable its marketers and analysts to make smarter business decisions to drive their artists’ careers. Managing Director Zack Gershen says, "We all know that data is more critical than ever to make sound marketing and investment decisions. The independent label space has long struggled with reliable data solutions that can scale and are affordable. Revelator has been a great partner in helping us with our data visibility, giving us the ability to do high level trend analysis and make smarter decisions on behalf of our roster of artists."

Labels, publishers, distributors and managers can go here to learn more. 

About Revelator
Revelator is the leading provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies around the world. Revelator’s IP SaaS platform increases speed, accuracy and transparency in rights management, digital supply chain and royalty distribution. Revelator’s Web3 infrastructure transforms music IP into a digital asset, connecting traditional royalty pipes to on-chain protocols and DeFi projects and empowering anyone to participate in a dynamic music IP marketplace.