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Revelator is a leading provider of business solutions for the music industry. Our all-inclusive music platform, API, protocol, and web3 infrastructure, enhances efficiency in financial reporting and simplifies royalty operations. We offer a wide range of services, including catalog management, digital distribution, income tracking, rights management, and business intelligence. By ...

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Leila Grossman
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Tuned Global and Revelator Bring NFT Power to Music Streaming Services

Tuned Global and Revelator, two leading music technology companies, are joining forces to build one of the first bridges connecting Web2 music streams with Web3 digital assets and payments. This strategic partnership makes a major step in establishing embedded Web3 infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with Web2 streaming music platforms.

Through this partnership, DSPs (Digital Service Providers) and other customers working with Tuned Global will have the capability to enable artists to mint and distribute music releases as NFTs directly on their Web2 streaming platforms. These NFTs will coexist with traditional streamed music, enabling fans to enjoy digital collectibles and actively engage with token gated content, while providing artists with blockchain-based payment opportunities through smart contracts.

Revelator, a leading digital IP infrastructure provider for music, will enable Tuned Global to offer their customers a robust white-label platform to mint, sell, distribute, report, and track music NFTs. Tuned Global, the foremost B2B provider of music streaming services, will leverage Revelator's tech to power the creation and distribution of music NFTs on music streaming services. Services powered by Tuned Global’s white-label music apps or APIs can let fans explore, discover, and collect digital offerings seamlessly within a familiar music app. 

The functionality provided by this partnership will benefit both artists and fans. Artists can mint new releases, exclusives, or derivative content as NFT collections on Polygon, the most popular layer-two scaling solution on Ethereum. Fans can enjoy these music tracks just like any other song on a traditional streaming service. This will let a broader audience engage with NFTs in a familiar Web2 environment. These music offerings will feature an "NFT" badge, serving as a helpful indicator for fans who are new to the concept. Artists will have the freedom to share their music NFTs with other Web3 streaming platforms and sell them on various NFT marketplaces.

Tuned Global has been powering streaming services for local markets for years, including Plern in Thailand, Mjams in the Pacific Islands, and Sewasew in Ethiopia. Clients can now opt in to participate in Tuned Global's latest offering and unlock new revenue streams for independent artists in their respective regions. Using Revelator's Web3 infrastructure, music releases are tokenized, enabling the distribution of royalty payments through smart contracts. This groundbreaking approach marks the first instance where a DSP facilitates on-chain royalty payments.

Fans will have the opportunity to access exclusive artist content through NFTs, providing them with fresh avenues to support their favorite artists directly. These NFTs can give fans access to exclusive behind the scenes video footage, presale rights to new recordings, artwork, and other digital content.

“This partnership lets music lovers collect NFTs in fan-friendly ways where they are already experiencing music,” explains Bruno Guez, CEO and founder of Revelator. “Fans won’t need to mess with wallets or special Web3 players, or even leave their favorite music platform. They’ll pay with a credit card. This access and ease will open up new revenue streams for artists, as more fans jump in.”

“The Web3 music ecosystem will exist in parallel to the streaming economy for years to come. To maximize their benefits, creators will need to engage in both, recognizing their distinct strengths and potential for synergistic collaboration. We are delighted to have Tuned Global as a partner to help us make this a reality” says Gilad Woltsovitch, Revelator’s web3 experience lead. 

“Many of our clients are building streaming services in markets where large-scale DSPs just don’t work well enough for local artists, their fans, or the company,” explains Con Raso, Tuned Global’s Managing Director and founder. “NFTs will provide a whole new avenue for revenue in markets with a strong local scene and culture. Local fans adore the artists who are torchbearers for their culture, and now they can support and reward them in new ways, even if they are not yet familiar with Web3.”

About Revelator
Revelator ( offers turnkey digital IP infrastructure to music companies globally. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions empower music businesses to thrive in the digital age. Revelator is driving the music 3.0 economy forward by enhancing speed, accuracy, and transparency in rights management, digital supply chain management, and royalty distribution.

About Tuned Global
Tuned Global ( stands as the premier provider of B2B streaming technology solutions, fueling the success of numerous renowned streaming services worldwide. Their comprehensive offerings encompass music, audio, and video streaming, presenting a unified platform that includes white-label streaming apps, streaming service APIs, music content delivery, and licensor reporting. With their web3-ready technology, Tuned Global enables the creation of captivating music experiences within the metaverse.

Tuned Global's cutting-edge tech has been harnessed by industry titans spanning music, fitness, gaming, media, telecommunications, and more. Esteemed clients such as UFC Unlimited Sound, Line Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, True Digital Group, Pizza Hut, GMM Grammy, FanLabel, Lululemon and Samsung have all relied on Tuned Global's solutions.